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A Secure and Convenient Way to Pay: Introducing Online EFTPOS

Date: 28-08-2023

We're excited to introduce you to a way of making our website purchases safely, without surcharge fees and the need to submit your card number – Online EFTPOS, accessible right from your smartphone.

What is Online EFTPOS?

Online EFTPOS revolutionizes the way you make online payments, seamlessly integrating with your bank app on your smartphone. Not only does it offer a simple and secure method for online payments, but it's also one of the most secure account-to-account payment options available today. Your banking credentials are never exposed during the payment process, ensuring your financial information remains safeguarded.

Supported by ANZ, ASB, BNZ, Westpac, and the Co-operative Banks, Online EFTPOS provides an innovative and trustworthy solution for your payment needs.

Each bank has their own limit for Online EFTPOS transactions

  • ANZ customers have a NZ$2k/transaction limit.
  • ASB customers have a NZ$5k/day limit.
  • BNZ customers have a NZ$50k/day limit.
  • Westpac customers have a NZ$5k/day limit, unless otherwise agreed with Westpac.
  • Co-operative Bank customers have a flexible daily limit that depends on their individual agreement with The Co-operative Bank.


If your bank is not on the list above

The Online EFTPOS team is diligently collaborating with other banks to expand their services. Your valuable feedback matters! You can email them at oesupport@paymark.co.nz, sharing your bank name and your enthusiasm for Online EFTPOS. A direct message to your bank would be an extra boost. Your contribution accelerates progress!

Your Security is Our Priority

Unlike similar payment methods, this solution never requires you to disclose your bank credentials. Each transaction is authorized solely through your banking app, enhancing the layers of protection against potential fraud. In case of any suspicious activity, promptly reach out to your bank.

Instant Payments, No Hassle

Once you initiate a payment, if funds are available, the transaction happens in real-time, right then and there. No delays, no hassle – just a smooth and instantaneous process.

Your Data Privacy

We prioritize your data privacy. We solely collect your mobile number or bank customer ID number to process your requested payment. Transaction details such as purchase amount, date, and time are securely stored for up to seven years for necessary purposes, including refunds. Rest assured, we do not gather or retain your bank account details.


Elevate your payment experience with Online EFTPOS – a secure, convenient, and forward-looking approach to digital transactions. Explore the benefits today and experience the future of secure online payments.


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For any queries or further information, feel free to reach out to us

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Or Visit Online EFTPOS Provider FAQ Page for more information:

Online EFTPOS Support Page