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Eziswap Gas

ARC Welding & Safety Supplies are an Eziswap Gas distributor in Hamilton.

Introducing Eziswap Gas, the nationwide industrial gas cylinder swap system. 

Just purchase a cylinder from us and you are good to go. No rental fees, contracts, administration fees, or low usage charges.
Swap and pay only for the price of the gas. No delay because there are pre-filled gas cylinders waiting for you.
The filled gas cylinder you have received is yours until it’s swapped again. 

All Eziswap Gas Cylinders are available in sizes: B (1.0m3​), D (2.0m3​), F (5.0m3​), G (10.0m3​).

To Purchase: call us on 0800 272 935, email us or fill the enquiry form.
Eziswap Gas Cylinders can't be shipped, collection in store only.

Download the Full Eziswap Gas Price List, 2022





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