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Knowledge Centre

Welcome to ARC Welding & Safety Supplies Knowledge Centre.
Here you could find a good range of resources for you to download. 

Safety Sign Catalogue
Hazchem, Mandatory, Warning, Prohibition, Danger, Emergency, Fire
Building, Traffic, Transport, Security, Safety First, Floor Stands, Construction, Farming, Electrical, Site & Accessories

Speedglas Helmet Parts Breakdown - All helmets
For individual Helmets see each helmet in products


Welding Assistance
Welding Positions for pipes
Welding Positions
Typical weld joints
Effects of welding variables
Parts of a weld
Weld Discontinuities
Why welds crack
Learning to MIG Weld.


Plasma Assistance
How to improve Plasma Cut Quality
Troubleshooting PMX Cutting

Hypertherm Consumable Guide
Powermax 30 Air
Powermax 45XP
Powermax 65
Powermax 85
Powermax 105
Powermax 125

Cigweld Consumable Guide
1 Torch - Torch Breakdown


MSDS Sheets - Disposable Gas
98% Argon/2% O2
90% Argon/10% CO2

MSDS Sheets - Ensitech Fluid
TB-01 Pre-Weld Cleaning Fluid
TB-21 Weld Cleaning Fluid
TB-25 Weld Cleaning Fluid
TB-30ND Weld Cleaning Fluid
TB-31ND Neutralising Weld Cleaning Fluid
TB-40 Neutralising Fluid
TB-50 Finishing Fluid
TB-90 Marking Fluid
TB-95 Etching Fluid

MSDS Sheets - Aerosols
XL Silicone Spray
XL Weld Antispatter

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