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Welcome to ARC Welding & Safety Supplies Knowledge Centre! 
Here you could find a good range of resources for you to download. 


Welding Assistance

 Welding positions for pipes 

pdf.png Welding positions

 Typical weld joints

 Effects of welding variables

 Parts of a weld

 Weld discontinuities

 Why welds crack

 Input Current & Plug Requirements For Single Phase Machine

Ceramic Backing

 How to set up Ceramic Weld Backing

Pipe Welding Equipment Catalogue

View Catalogue

Plasma Cutting Assistance

 How to imrove plasma cut quality

 Troubleshooting PMX Cutting


Welding Fume Product Control Methods

Scientific Study on Welding Fume Control Methods

Hearing Protection - Honeywell Literature 

 Earplugs Fitting Instructions

 Care and Maintenance_Hearing Protection

 Noise Thermometer

 Construction Noise Infographic: How to Protect your Ears

Ensitech - TIG Brush Literature

 TIG Brush Fluids Selector Guide

Other Useful Sources 

Size Charts