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We are the EZISWAP Swap Centre for Hamilton


Introducing Eziswap Gas, the nationwide industrial gas cylinder swap system. 


✔️Just purchase a cylinder from us and you are good to go.

✔️No rental fees, contracts, administration fees, or low usage charges.

✔️Swap and pay only for the price of the gas.

✔️No delay because there are pre-filled gas cylinders waiting for you.

✔️The filled gas cylinder you have received is yours until it’s swapped again. 


All Eziswap Gas Cylinders are available in sizes: B (1.0m3​), D (2.0m3​), F (5.0m3​), G (10.0m3​). 

Eziswap Gas Cylinders can't be shipped, collection in store only.

To Purchase: call us on 0800 272 935email us or fill in the enquiry form.


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Commonly used as a shielding gas for MIG welding aluminium and TIG welding.  
Another industrial use is improving thermal insulation in double glazed windows.
Others include incandescent and phosphorescent tubes, food processing and refrigeration.


Used in the welding industry. Argon/Co2 Mix provides arc stability, puddle control and reduced spatter compared to pure CO2.
For many the greater weld quality and reduced clean up makes this the shield gas of choice.
90%/10% mix for MIG welding mild steel.


Sourced by air separation. It is a non-reactive gas that comprises about 78% of the earth’s atmosphere.
It can be an asphyxiant in high concentrations.
Common industries using nitrogen include: refrigeration, automotive, hydraulics and aviation.
Nitrogen turns to liquid at -195.5 degrees and below.  
In liquid form, it is  used to shock-freeze food, preserve living biological material and perform cryosurgery.


The main industrial application for oxygen is combustion efficiency.
As combined with a fuel gas it will produce much higher flame temperature.
It is used in conjunction with acetylene and LPG for brazing, glass blowing and cutting.
While being Used with acetylene only for welding.

Other uses include beer brewing and fish tank oxygenation.


Acetylene the hottest and most efficient of all fuel gases it is used in conjunction with oxygen.
Its applications include: welding, brazing, cutting and flame cleaning, straightening and hardening.
It’s also used in organic / chemical synthesis and flower formation in horticulture.



Commonly used as a shielding gas for MIG welding mild steel.
Also used for beverage carbonation and dispensing.