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ProArc Positioner Rotator 100kg


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An automatic positioner, working in MIG/MAG, CO2 and TIG welding processes.


  1. Allow steel fabrication shops operator to position the jobs for 'downhand' position in the shortest possible time, without the use of cranes and manpower.
  2. 360° degree rotation, 120° degree tilts.
  3. High frequency protected.
  4. Machined "T" slots table with pilot and through hole.
  5. Free maintenance grounding system.
  6. Standard forward/reverse rotation and variable speed control.
  7. AD type adjustable table height option available.
  8. Tilt mode: Manual

Package Includes:

Includes input lead and footpedal.

Available Extras:

  1. Chuck
    - 3 Jaw 4mm-150mm (PG-150)
    - 3 Jaw 4mm-450mm (PG-450)
  2. Variable speed foot-pedal (VSFC-1K)
  3. Earthing Brush upgrade assembly to 400A (PT-100/200B)

Power Input: 1 Phase, AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Capacity, kg: 100 / 60 (Horizontal / Vertical)
Rated eccentricity, mm: A:180 B:90 C:60 D:45

Table dimension (E), mm: Ø320
Table slot bolt size: M10
Rotation Speed, rpm: A:0.3-4 B:0.6-8 C:0.8-12 D:1-16
Welding timer, sec: 0 ~ 60
Spindle thru hole, mm: Ø22
Earthing, Amp: 200 @ 100%
Tilt range, deg: 0 ~ 120

Overall length (A), mm: 460
Overall width (B), mm: 315
Overall height (C), mm: 340
Center to floor (D), mm: 250
Weight, kg: 38kg