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Lorch MX350


Lorch MX 350 - MIG-MAG Inverter Welding Machine

Optimally equipped for mobile outdoor use with its robust and weatherproof housing with IP34 and a drop resistance of up to 60 cm height.


  • MIG-MAG welding function. Including option to activate MIG-MAG synergic mode separately to guarantee outstanding MIG-MAG welding characteristics for both mixed gas and CO2.
  • Multi-process. It is also suitable for TIG, electrode and CEL welding and can be adapted to a wide range of applications.
  • Gouging.
  • Enhanced performance. MicorBoost technology that activates significantly higher voltage reserves as soon as the current is reduced.
  • Wear-resistant. Robust housing offers all-around protection against water entry and falls from a height of up to 60cm. The circuit boards are shielded from dust by InsideCoating, specialised protection layer.
  • Dependable. When applying MICOR technology, you can rest assured that your machine will ignite in reliable fashion and produce a stable arc even when operated on power mains cables with a length of up to 200 metres or when hooked up to a generator.
  • Electrode welding function: Hotstart, Anti-Stick and Arc-Force regulation.
    • Automatic Hotstart guarantees perfect ignition every time
    • Anti-Stick system reliably prevents the electrode from sticking
    • Arc-Force regulation supports the welding process by providing for increased arc stability and optimised metal transfer.

Package Includes:

  1. Power Source with BasicPlus Panel
  2. MIG-MAG Synergic, DC- TIG (with Contact TIG)

For MIG-MAG process need to purchase: Wire feeder case MF-07 with 4-roll drive and Inter-connection hose package,50mm, 10m length.

Welding process: MIG-MAG | Electrode | TIG
Welding range: 10-350A

Duty cycle 40°C:
Electrode: 230A-100% | 280A-60%
TIG: 250A-100% | 300A-60%

Mains voltage: 3~400V

Weight: 18.6 kg
Dimensions: 515L × 185W × 400H

Warranty: 3 Years Commercial Warranty